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Before & After Rub n' Restore Before & After Rub n' Restore

Rub ‘N Restore

For all your fine leather or vinyl

Before & After Rub n' Restore
  • fast and easy with amazing, long-lasting results
  • performs as advertised
  • last product you'll ever need
  • use on furniture, spa covers, RV/auto interiors, and more
Color and recolor leather or vinyl as easily as painting a room in your home!
A fast and easy do-it-yourself dye for leather and vinyl that delivers long-lasting and superb results
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  • Blends the appearance of scuffs, scratches, stains, discoloration, and wear on leather and vinyl
  • Conditions leather and vinyl and adds UV protection while depositing color and/or luster
  • Permeates leather and vinyl, behaving more like a dye or stain and less like a coating
  • These are proven restoration products, tested and used by leather and vinyl repair professionals for over 25 years, and now made available to the do-it-yourself (DIY) community.

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  1. Stephanie, Bristol, RI

    “Thank you for your amazing (and affordable) product! I recommend this product to absolutely anyone who is tired of looking at their worn out furniture.”

  2. Noel, Brooklyn, NY

    "Rub 'n Restore is my favorite product of 2012! I am thrilled with your product. Not only did it arrive extremely quickly, I was able to transform a hideous shiny, metallic pink couch into a much nicer brown one in a few hours. I feared that it would not work on such a shiny surface, but it did so, admirably, especially with a clear coat first and last. I will definitely recommend your product highly. Thanks again!"

  3. Betsy, El Granada, CA

    "OMG!!! I got your product yesterday and refinished my chair today, and boy was I blown away! This was a chair that my husband purchased for our first home over 20 years ago. We've tried everything to clean it, and nothing worked. We were on the verge of giving it away to Goodwill when I happened upon your YouTube video and ordered your product. All I can say is WOW! Thanks again, your product is amazing and I intend to put out the good word. This one is too good not to share."

  4. Lynn, Painesville, OH

    Just finished my project and it looks great. The custom color you made for me was just perfect!!!

  5. Gail, Beaufort, NC

    "I'm a ten satisfied. The change is amazing! It was incredibly easy to apply, and the cost is very reasonable. Other companies have products that don't even compare to this quality for five times as much. The [walnut] color is perfect... exactly what I wanted. I am very impressed."

A Seat treated with Rub N Restore


Rub 'n Restore is a versatile water-based dye for restoring leather and vinyl:

  • Easily applied with a sponge, brush, or spray gun
  • Won't change the texture or feel of leather or vinyl
  • Does not rub off onto clothing once dry
  • Flexible and durable--will never peel or crack
  • Colors will not fade
  • Touch-up is easy
  • More environmentally friendly and less prep than other leather and vinyl paints

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