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Ash Grey Dye Reviews

Leather couch restoration before and after from brown to ash grey

“I get so many compliments on how good my Pottery Barn sofa looks after using the Ash, and nobody can believe that I dyed it!”
- Maggie, Washington, DC

Ash gray leather sofa restoration

“While the product is not designed for nubuck and suede, I experimented on this sofa with the ash color and got great results. I used a mixture of one part Ash, one part Clear Prep, and one part distilled water. First I rubbed on a thin, light coat with sponge. It looked awful. Sponged on another 4-5 coats, and looks good. Doesn't feel stiff or unnatural either.”
- George, Ocala, FL

Ash grey Corvette leather interior

“Here are a couple of pictures of the Corvette. I just dyed specific areas inside of the vehicle (steering wheel, airbag, door panels). Originally it was all black inside. These pictures really don’t do justice, because it has a contrast between the outside of the car (silver) and the new dyed areas inside (ash grey). It has a very custom look, beyond anything I’ve seen. Wow! So cool!”
- Ty, Albuquerque, NM

Vinyl patio furniture changed from tan to dove gray with ash leather dye before and after

"I got your product yesterday and used it right away. I have purchased many things online and always cross my fingers that the product may just do what is advertised. I must say, it is all you promised it to be. It went on easily and looks great!"
- Cheryl, Salem, MA

Tufted leather furniture changed from tan to ash gray

“I absolutely love this product! I dyed my tufted sofa ash grey. The application process is super easy and fool proof. I even allowed my 6 year old daughter dye the seat cushion while I did the rest. 3 months later the sofa is still beautiful.”
- Iwona, Markham, IL