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Black Dye Reviews

Black leather couch restoration before and after

“Hi, it's been a year since my first purchase and I bought more product to update my sofas. I have two big dogs and I let them rough house all they want in the sofas. This gives them an interesting distressed look and people often think it's intentional. I don't mind it so much, but my husband isn't so fond of the look, so I decided it was time to renew them. These were originally waxed aniline, oxblood red. I had trouble with the wax and you ladies helped me figure out how to get the wax off with denatured alcohol so the dye wouldn't flake off. Well that helped quite a bit, but the dogs still managed to wear off a lot of the dye. Now that I updated one and can compare the two, I still like the rough and worn look a little better. But the husband is happy. :-)”
- Kim, Draper, UT

Vinyl patio chairs color changed from white to black

“These vintage patio chairs were pretty weathered and ugly. Now they look fresh and are good for several more years in the sun!”
- Ben, Los Angeles, CA

Brown leather ottoman dyed to black

"I bought a $400 ottoman with four stools inside of it, and somehow in the store it looked like it matched, but once delivered, it did not. I was devastated. It was very dark brown, and I wanted grey or black. Your product changed it to black, and I couldn't be more thrilled. It was hard to believe how easy it was to do. I used four coats and still have a ton. The round stool is the original brown color. Thank you so much... now it's perfect."
- Asheley, Smyrna, GA

Brown leather western saddle dyed black
Brown leather chairs color changed to black

“Once I'm finished, my couches will look new, and I bought them used on Craigslist! When I first started, seeing how thinly it went on, I was really worried I'd run out!! I still have at least 1/3 of a 16 oz bottle left, haven't used any of the second 16 oz bottle yet. I think it may just be enough with the one 16 oz bottle. I'll have tons left, which is good, I can keep redoing it as needed thru the years. Thanks!”
- Michelle, Piedmont, SC

Beige Euro chair color changed to black

“I ordered Rub 'n Restore to change my cream/white leather chair to black. I can't believe the results. It took aproximately 15 coats to change from white to black. About three hours total I'd say (the hair dryer makes a huge difference in dry time). The Rub 'n Restore product was very easy to use, and I only used about a quarter of a large bottle, so it does go a very long way. This chair costs around $2,000 new. Now for under $40 it looks just like new. My friends can't believe it is the same chair! Thank you for the great product and how-to video.”
- Ralph, Lancaster, PA

Tooled leather Dansko clogs restored with black dye