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An Excuse for More Stocking Stuffers

Posted by Lesandre on

My earliest memory of the holidays involves a sewing project on Christmas Eve. 

My Grandma Topsy had recently moved across the street. My mother (also best friend and business partner) left me on the sofa watching The Flintstones at age four and wandered across the street. She returned with wine-colored velvet stockings adorned with early twentieth century costume jewelry. Name tags for each were made of gold velour from the auto upholstery supply and trimmed in a tatted gimp and embellished with glitter. I was amazed that they had made them all -- including one in the shape of a paw for the Beasts (pets) -- in just those few hours. 

The critters' Christmas stocking

The critters' Christmas stocking

Grandma Topsy died at age 96 in 2005, and my dad's stocking had since grown legs and walked away, so he inherited hers despite its more feminine heel. Dad died of cancer in 2013. 

When we decorated the tree this year, I was compelled to hang up the Ancestors' stocking. It's also an excellent excuse for more stocking stuffers for all!

I glued a piece of caramel-colored leather to the backside of Topsy's name tag. I used some of our Rub 'n Restore® Forest and Merlot dyes to paint a decorative border and write dad's name. Polka dots of glue and glitter gave it the obligatory Christmas bling. 

Rub 'n Restore dyes customize Christmas stockings

While the contents of the Ancestors' stocking are to be shared by all, only Topsy-and-Simon-endorsed items can be stuffed. This includes cigarettes (Topsy), wacky tobacky (Simon), liquor (Topsy), acoustic modern jazz (Simon), modern art (both), cookies (both), and TV Guide (both). 

Happy holidays to all!

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