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Auto Interior Leather Repair

Posted by Lesandre on

CC, the original Vinyl Lady (and mom), got her start in 1987 repairing leather in auto interiors for dealerships in Southern California. Her skill and attention to detail set her apart from her competitors, and she was sought by upholstery and fabrication shops that specialized in collectible cars and hot rods.

CC, the original Vinyl Lady, poses at a 90s car show.

Early on she developed the Sandpaper-Super-Glue Method for repairing minor damage to leather upholstery. Her clients were shocked that such a simple method yielded flawless results. Lesandre (daughter) demonstrates in this video.

Ron Mangus Interiors even featured CC and her method in his exquisite manual, Custom Auto Interiors.

Leather and Vinyl Repair - Custom Auto Interiors

Our versatile leather paint acts as a conditioning sunscreen that’s great on interior and exterior vinyl, plastic, and rubber, everything from convertible tops, tonneau covers, and motorcycle saddlebags to sun-rotted bedliners, bumpers, and plastic trim. We recommend a primer of Bulldog or SEM’s Plastic Adhesion Promoter on all plastics prior to painting.

The best part is that you don’t need a Vinyl Lady! Most materials are readily sourced at your local hardware store or auto paint supply, the exception being our unique paint and Soft Filler repair compound sold through our online store

See what these customers have done:

Bill did an outstanding job repairing large holes in these Silverado seats.

Bill repaired his own leather seats in his Silverado.

It’s less work and maintenance to restore the original color, and our Custom Color service is highly recommended for auto interiors. 

Black, however, is pretty universal in auto interiors, and ours is an excellent match and grab-n-go off the shelf!

Brian restored this gear shift with our black leather paint. He could always go back and fill the few remaining gouges using the Sandpaper-Super-Glue Method.

Brian breathes new life into this gear shift with Rub 'n Restore® paint.

Will restored restored his VW Bug with our Marine White, Red Chili and a serape blanket.

VW Bug Beetle interior vinyl restoration seat repair

Mike ordered a Custom Color to restore the discolored vinyl to its original fresh mint.

Jon also sent for a Custom Color to match the new saddlebags to the seat on his motorcycle.

Give us a holler about your project!

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