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Hot Tub Cover Protector

Posted by Lesandre on

What’s the best hot tub cover protector? Rub 'n Restore® takes the prize!

This picture from 2004 shows this anti-UV conditioning stain applied to a friend’s spa cover. 

Twelve years later the cover had long been water-logged. Our friend, Rebecca, found a used cover and swapped out the foam inserts. The vinyl on this used cover was years younger, but Rebecca's, despite ten years of blistering Southern California sun and torrential rainstorms, was in better condition thanks to a single application of Rub ’n Restore® vinyl dye. We confidently guarantee that Rub ’n Restore® will double or triple the life of marine vinyl on hot tub covers!

Endeavoring to finally share this information, I shot a video one afternoon in the brief hour-and-a-half window where the autumn light was optimal. CC (mom, business partner, original Vinyl Lady) and the boyfriend concurred that the video was informative but boring, and that it would be much more successful delivered in a swimsuit. 

This idea had originally occurred to me, but my pragmatic, professional left brain poo-poo’d the idea before it was reasonably entertained.

Scantily clad female bodies used for marketing? I deliberated with independent, empowered female friends and egalitarian men. The responses were mixed, erring slightly toward “Might as well.”

So I submit to you two videos. The former sexy but silly and superficial, such that I even shaved my armpits (which was a whole other deliberation*). The latter boring but informative. If you’re actually going to restore a hot tub cover, please spend 4 minutes on the informative one!

*I had a good relationship with shaving my armpits for many years but abandoned it recently. Since then I’ve grown to thoroughly enjoy my furry underarms, along with mom’s homemade deodorant cream made of baking soda, arrowroot, shea butter, and essential oils. Hairy armpits, and more importantly, confident, comfortable women, are sexy. So why would I sacrifice my own sense of comfort and aesthetics? 

Well, I had already resigned to strip myself to two-thirds naked in the interest of selling more Rub 'n Restore®. "Anything worth doing is worth doing right," as they say. The majority of our mostly American audience is repulsed by furry underarms, and I'm not going to single-handedly change that. But I am going to save some spa covers from the landfill! So I shore away the fuzz (and inadvertently scraped away some flesh). Was itchy for weeks. My bald armpits looked like an alien baby’s rump. Suddenly I was repulsed by this cultural norm. The itching abated after a month, and the stubble finally turned to soft fuzz. Oh, the brutality of capitalist marketing tools!

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