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Unconventional Uses for Rub 'n Restore®

Posted by Lesandre on

A customer recently asked us, "Is this some alien technology that you got from a crashed UFO in area 51? ‘Cause no one believes me when I tell them how easy it is and how quick [my leather sofa] went from brown to red.... Thanks, you guys got something special here.”

About the time we were chuckling over this comment, we had our own alien experience when CC (mom, CFO, tech support, the Original Vinyl Lady) fractured her tibia and was entombed in a full-leg cast for six weeks. We quickly learned that her mountain home, with its many stairs, cozy carpeting, and narrow doorways is not wheelchair-friendly.

I spent some time on the pity-pot. I had lost my right hand woman. That twelve-pound cast slowed her down and added all her routine tasks to my action list. We both joked with my hubby, Reilly, our production manager and newest member of the corporate entourage, that part of his new job description was to sponge bathe the CFO.

On the action list since last spring was a plan to cook up a new line of vibrant, happy colors to broaden our catalog of mostly earth tones: ButtercupPersimmonRed ChiliTurquoiseSage, and Eggplant.

Rub 'n Restore's Bold New Colors

These new colors compelled a desire to get the ol’ alpha waves flowing and what better canvas than CC's three-foot-long black cast? Using a paintbrush and our overflow of Bright White, Turquoise, and Persimmon I begin to sketch doves. We were surprised how well the dye took to the cavernous surface of the fiberglass cast. CC loves birds, and my hope was to inspire that cast to fly off her leg. 

CC's cast gets a makeover with Rub 'n Restore

It worked! Later that week, the cast came off. One of the doves was beheaded in the process, and we were left wishing we had thought to paint the cast earlier. CC would have had more time with the cheerful images on her sad, broken leg, and we could have filled up the entire canvas with an amazing scene.

The painted cast is dismembered!

For a brief moment in the doctor's office I considered saving the untouched dove and finding a creative way to turn it into Rub ’n Restore® objet d’art for the office. But the layers of skin that had desperately tried to exfoliate in those five weeks had remain trapped in the cast’s batting and promised to be a mess-maker, leaving little flakes of CC DNA everywhere like dusty, crusty confetti. We quickly relegated it to a trash can.

Even after 25 years' experience with Rub 'n Restore®, we continue to learn of its many uses for leather, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, even wood. Dye your leather jacket to match your saddle or motorcycle seat, and then customize the cast on your leg after you crash said motorcycle/horse. 

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