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Cherrywood Burgundy Dye Reviews

Red Chili two-tone leather furniture dye. Before and After pictures

“ This doesn't really show in the before photo very well, but over the years this furniture had become dingy looking and un-cleanable. I was really embarrassed. I am thrilled with the results of using your system. Its been complete for about three weeks and I'm still amazed and delighted every time i walk in the room. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”
- Gillian, Tacoma, WA

Brown leather lounge chair and ottoman restored with cherrywood leather dye.

“The cherrywood color looks great on my lounge chair!”
- Abdelkader, Pelham, NY

Faded and stained aniline leather couch restored with cherrywood leather dye.

"As the manager of the Toledo Area Humane Society’s ReTail Resale Shop, I want to let you know how pleased we are with your product. We only accept gently used merchandise, so when a badly faded leather sofa was donated to our shop, we were wondering what we could do to make it sell. I even tried to give it away, but no luck. After searching the internet I discovered Rub-N-Restore, and quickly put in an order. I’m sending before and after photos to show what a difference your product made. We could hardly believe it was the same sofa! Badly faded by the sun, and water stained from the kids wet swimsuits, Rub-N-Restore transformed this castoff to a masterpiece! Once this beauty hit the sales floor it was gone! All proceeds benefit homeless and abused animals in the community, and thanks to Rub-N-Restore, our shelter pocketed a hefty profit! Thank you!"
- Mary, Toledo, OH

Leather chair restored using cherrywood leather dye

"Came out better than I could imagine. Thank you!"
- John, Baldwinsville, NY

Distressed, antiqued leather couch restored using cherrywood dye

“Yesterday I tackled my leather sofa and loveseat. I paid over $3,000 for the set a few years ago. The seating area was very worn. I was ready to toss it and get a new set until I did some research and found a place in California that sold color for leather and vinyl. I was blown away by the results. My couch and loveseat look almost new and it cost me $82! If you have anything leather (or vinyl) that you're ready to throw, check out my before and after pictures. I'm talking furniture, coats, shoes, pocketbooks and even boat seats, etc. Even if I have to reapply in 8 months, it's so worth it. I have enough color left to last years!”
- Janie, Colchester, VT

Cat scratches on leather loveseat repaired with sandpaper and super glue and restored with cherrywood leather dye

“I am so excited about the transformation of my loveseat! I was nervous but as my husband always says 'It's already broken, so what can you hurt?' The product worked exactly as advertised, it was perhaps a little more difficult as I wanted a mottled finish and I think an opaque might have been even easier. I put the pictures on my Facebook page and my friends are absolutely amazed and want to know what I used. Some said they actually had no idea that leather could be dyed! Thank you so much, I am now on a quest for leather furniture to Rub 'n Restore! You guys rock! P.S. The pictures of the arm are before and after of repaired cat scratches! I love your Youtube how-to videos!”
- Kathleen, Helendale, CA

Leather Euro lounge chairs and foot stools dyed from gray to cherrywood.

“Thanks for such a wonderful product! Absolutely! I have been telling everyone about the product and how much I love the way it turned out. The chairs were given to us and we were just going to hang on to them until we came across something better. Now I think I will keep them for myself :) I have attached before and currents pics. Take a look at the before and after of the cat scratches... amazing! Thanks for your assistance with this.”
- Pam, Mounds View, MS