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Cognac Dye Reviews

Cognac leather sofa

“Love it!”
- Bobbie, Hamblin, IL

Faded leather couch restored with cognac leather dye

“I just want to say how fabulous this product is! I did my couch and it came out gorgeous. Thank you so much for making such a great product!”
- Haydee, Gouldsboro, PA

Indian motorcycle leather saddlebags color changed from black to cognac

“Thought I would send pics of the completed color change of the black saddlebags to brown. Thanks for all your help, came out wonderfully.”
- Steve, Denver, CO

Leather furniture suite restoration with cognac leather dye

“I used roughly 30 oz. of dye for a chair, loveseat, and sofa, and it took 9.5 hours to complete. Great product!”
- James, Annandale, MN

Leather lounge chair and foot stool restored with cognac leather dye.

“First, I just used some Cognac dye and Clear Prep + Finish to restore an imitation Eames chair and ottoman I found at a consignment store. It was pretty cracked and worn looking before, but now looks brand new thanks to Rub 'n Restore!! Everyone I've shown it to can't believe the transformation. The pictures don't do it justice but you can see a definite difference!”
- Jessica, Indianapolis, IN

Oil stained aniline leather loveseat restoration before and after with cognac leather dye

“I used the cognac as a base with a small amount of walnut to darken it and then tinted that with a little organic yellow from ADV Leather. I then glazed the couch with that color first. I then used a slightly darker version (more walnut) to put a second print coat on top. I used a mixture of the clear and the dull topcoat from ADV Leather to create the matte glaze. To deal with the streakiness of the Adv product, I would apply the colorant with the sponge and then go over that tapping with a damp wax application sponge (the ones covered in terry cloth) to smooth the application. Buffing with a polishing cloth also helped. I then top coated the couches with a mixture of 60/40 clear/dull and once dried for a day buffed this to get the somewhat satin appearance. I am stoked! Having used the ADV color line to tint, I am very glad to have used your line to do the meat of the work. Looks really good to me. We will see how it holds up, but I think it should be good to go for awhile! Oh, I also added feet that I stained later on. No other improvements were made.”
- Matthew, Jacksonville, FL

Off white leather chair dyed cognac color before and after

“Thank you so much for my 'new' cognac chair!!!! I love it! Can't wait for my Walnut!!!!” Love you ladies!””
- Iwona, Port Angeles, WA

Cognac leather couch restored with leather dye before and after

“I am sure you get a ton of these, but I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the results. The stock color wasn’t an exact match so I dyed the whole sofa except for the back. Now waiting for it to dry…The project took me about 4 hours. Thanks again.”
- Ed, Lebanon, TN

Leather couch restored with cognac leather dye

“I had this worn down and out leather sofa. I was skeptical of this or any product working. I was absolutely blown away with the results.”
- Mary, Highland Park, NJ

Tufted leather sofa restored with cognac leather dye

"Old leather couch (15 years) looked tired and worn; cleaned it up, filled in the cracking leather and used about 4-5 coats of Rub&Restore after using clear-prep. The couch was dark gray-blue, and now is really nice color. Forgot to take before photo, but here is the after."
- Chuck, Union, ME

Stained aniline leather ottoman restoration with cognac leather dye

“I received your products today and couldn't wait to get started. I was only able to do the seat cushions and ottoman tonight, but those are what needed the most work. I am thrilled! They look so good! The cognac color worked perfectly. I love it. And it was so easy! I'm going to do the chairs tomorrow to get the color to match the cushions and ottoman. Thank you so much!”
- Kim, Buda, TX

Black leather purse changed with cognac leather dye before and after
Leather chair restoration using cognac leather dye and modified with universal colorant
Leather love seat restoration with cognac leather dye and vinyl paint before and after

“Thank you for making a great product that is super easy to use!! I will definitely recommend this to everyone!!”
- Laura, Corpus Christi, TX

Yellow club chair changed to cognac with leather dye before and after

“I restored the ottoman first as a test and, although it’s beautiful, the couch has more of a brown tone and when the ottoman was next to the couch, the orange tones in the cognac really stood out, so I sent a sample for a custom color. The pictures I sent of the ottoman are before I put the custom color over the cognac.”
- Melanie, Broken Arrow, OK

Red leather furniture color changed with cognac leather dye before and after

“Awesome! Brand new! Thank you for your wonderful company!”
- Rob, Philadelphia, PA

Aniline leather couch and chair restoration using cognac leather dye before and after

“Second time I have used Rub 'n Restore products and it is like magic! How to take old and make it brand new! Easy to use, dries fast, instant success! Yes, Dad is converted! We LOVE the results.”
- Sherri, Albuquerque, NM

Leather sofa restoration using cognac leather dye

“The furniture looks even better in person! Thank you for a great product and clear instructions!”
- John, Carbondale, CO