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Color Analysis and Color Blends Reviews

Custom vinyl dye pink exam table with before and after pictures.

“ What a perfect add-on to our existing services, super easy and our customers are always in disbelief over the finished product. ”
- Bryon, Gloversville, NY

Custom leather seats dye for Hyundai car with before and after pictures.

“ I restored the leather seats in our 2004 Hyundai XG350L. Your color match was right on and exact. Perfect! Rub 'n Restore was easy to use and the front seats look nearly brand new and are a perfect match to the rear seat in color and texture. The rear seat has hardly ever been used and is in like new condition. This car, which we've had since new, currently has more than 372,000 miles on it and is used daily as a commuter vehicle into Los Angeles. Fantastic stuff! Thanks so much! ”
- John, Acton, CA

Custom matched color dye for loveseat.

“ Thank you for your outstanding efforts and support. My sofa looks great! ”
- Danny, Irvine, CA

Before and after showing leather restoration using 2:1 mix of Walnut and Mocha colored leather dyes.

“Awesome product! 2:1 mix of walnut and mocha colors.”
- Debbie, Littleton, OR

Before and after of leather furniture restoration using 2:1 mix of Rust and Cherrywood colored dyes.

“THANK YOU for all your help & expertise!! 2:1 Rust:Cherrywood was perfect!”
- Michelle H, Omaha, NE

Leather couch restoration using 2:1 mix of Rust and Red Chili colors of leather dye. Before and after.

“I was still shocked at the difference. Looks like new. My entire family was amazed! Thanks so much for your help with the color analysis of 2:1 rust:red chili. Great product!”
- Michelle T, Hot Springs, AK

Leather love seat restored using equal parts of Black and Mahogany leather dye and Clear Prep+Finish topcoat. Before and after.

“Amazing! Thank you!”
- Carolyn, Herriman, UT

Leather sofa restoration using Cherrywood with a little splash of Espresso leather color. Before and after.

“I am at it again! This time I am re-stuffing my other tired sofa and using Cherrywood with a dash of Espresso with clear finish. I am so hooked.. Thanks!”
- Virginia, Grayslake, IL

Brown fake leather Parsons chairs changed to light apple green using equal parts Sage and Buttercup. Before and after.

“I am an artist and I have done a lot of restorations with a lot of products and polyurethane and paints. Your product is off the charts amazing. It doesn't have noxious odors, doesn't stain anything except what it's supposed to stain, is completely brush - stroke forgiving, doesn't ruin my clothes, a project can be finished in a day....I could go on for pages! I am so happy I tried your product. Brown parsons chairs bought on eBay. Turned out to be very cheap looking and not leather. RubNRestore half Buttercup and half Sage. The photo looks lighter and yellower than the real green. The actual color is a light apple green. Love it. Thank you!!!”
- Sue, Spring City, PA

Leather chair transformation using mix of Rust and Red Chili leather dyes. Before and after.

“Don't get rid of your leather furniture! Restore it or change the color! I saved this $1200 leather chair for under $100 using Red Chili and Rust colors.”
- Lenore, Rimforest, CA

Cream colored leather sofa restored using a mix of Ivory and other stock colors of leather dye.

“Pics of my first before and after. My husband thought I was crazy when he loaded up the $80 leather sofa bed. He could not believe how wonderful it turned out! The longest part was mixing my own color using your stock options. I only dyed the bottom cushions and arm rest. I love restoring things, thanks again for your great product!”
- Rose, Urbana, IL

Camel and Cognac leather dyes mixed together to change leather lounge and foot stool from rusty red to warm tan.

"As you can see there are lots of tufts and folds on the chair, but it was really simple to dye. You just sort of pull and smooth the creases back and rub the sponge over all of it. It honestly couldn’t be easier. If not for job and kid duties this could have been done in a single day, but I did it over several mornings and evenings. In fact there were a few mornings when I got dressed for work, went down to the basement to put on a quick coat of dye, and then headed out the door for the day. It’s not a messy process at all!"
- Mera, Anchorage, AK

Mera used a mixture of Camel and Cognac. Read the full blog at RedHouseWest.

Vinyl ottoman customized using stencils and ash, slate, and peppercorn grey, ivory, camel, and turquoise leather dyes and vinyl paints. Before and after.

"I am supremely pleased with the outcome, and it’s a beautiful addition to my home."
- Kristina, El Sobrante, CA

Kristina stenciled a cobblestone pattern onto an ottoman using Ash, Slate, Peppercorn, Ivory, Camel, and Turquoise. The project is documented in her blog, The Brain Squirrel Monologues.

Experimentation restoring a leather chair and ottoman using Cognac, Cherrywood leather dyes plus some water-based yellow oxide universal colorant and Clear Prep+Finish. Before and after.

“Original Aniline chair that had faded to a golden amber from an orange/brown. First try with Cognac and Cherrywood. Too rust color for my liking but not terrible. Then added yellow oxide universal colorant to Cognac. I may change it to Espresso, flat, no shine later!”
- Mark, Charlotte, NC

50-50 mix of Black and Cherrywood leather dyes used to restore this leather couch is similar to our Mahogany color. Clear Prep+Finish adds shine and deepens the color. Before and after.

“Love seat purchased from the Salvation Army for $150. Amazing, almost like new, after dyeing using 1/2 black and 1/2 Cherrywood.”
- Mark, Charlotte, NC

2:1 mix of Rust and Mahogany leather dyes restored this leather couch. Before and after.

“That is my 15 year old sofa! I thought for sure that the product would spruce it up a little but the results were ridiculously amazing. There is no trick photography. I used a 2:1 mix of Rust and Mahogany. That is literally 20 minutes of rubbing some dye with a sponge. Drinking a margarita for 30 minutes, then going back over with clear for 5 minutes. I had a leather person at my house three years ago that wanted $2k to restore my leather. I can't thank you enough. And btw- your customer service was over the top- I wish every business was like. I am going to cry!!!”
- Terese, Austin, TX

Modern chairs transformed using a mix of Rust and Camel leather dye and vinyl stain. Before and after.

"This project was SO EASY. It took about 20 minutes to stain both chairs and another 15 minutes to apply the clear sealing coat. Vinyl furniture will never intimidate me ever again. I don't know how many times I've passed up a cute piece of furniture because it was the wrong color. Well, not anymore. This stuff, it's magic. And not only is it for furniture, but it can be used on purses, shoes, wallets, etc. The project list is endless."
- Kinsey, Springfield, MO

Kinsey used a mixture of Rust and Camel. Read the entire blog post at Sincerely, Kinsey.