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Custom Color Dye Reviews

Customized leather dye and Clear Prep+Finish used to restore a red leather couch.

”We have finished restoring our sofa, chairs and ottoman and are very happy with the results! The process was very easy. I applied about 3 coats of dye and finished off with a single coat of clear. Thanks for your help…you have a great product.”
- Bob, Hubbard, Ohio

Custom yellow colored leather dye used to change a tufted ottoman. Before and after.

”Thank you, thank you, for the wonderful custom yellow you've created for my project! I have finally finished applying all the coats and my new coffee table is just spectacular!!”
- Darya, Sacramento, CA

Customized off-white leather dye used to correct discoloration and yellowing on furniture suite. Before and after.

”You ladies are awesome! My sofa, love seat chair, ottoman look like brand new. You saved me like $44,000 restoring the furniture in the beach house not adding the hassle of looking, waiting, and taking new photos for rental site. Wish I would of took more before photos but sending what I have. You sure can have anyone call me if you need a reference. Even if the color only last a season I still have dye half the dye left so I can redo. It looks so great. When I get home I’m going to order some for my red sofa. Again many thanks for getting it all out so soon, now I have the rest of the month to play!!!”
- Dianne, South Padre Island, TX

Customized off-white marine vinyl dye used to correct mildew stains on boat interior. Before and after.

”I have some before and after pictures of the boat seats I have done thanks to your help. Thanks again for a great product and great support.”
- Jerry, Leesburg, FL

Warm butter color customized to restore leather couch. Before and after.

”I love it... Thank you so much!!”
- Suzie, Blaine, WA

Marine vinyl dash in jet boat restored using Custom Color. Before and after.
Leather chair restored using customized leather dye. Before and after.

“What a difference! She's a beauty! The in-laws will regret giving her to us and certainly had no idea that it could be dyed to match our existing living room set. :)”
- Patrick, Buffalo, NY

Brown leather dye customized to restore couch. Before and after.

“Wow! Thanks!”
- Holly, St. Louis, MO

Black motorcycle saddle bags dyed with a Custom Color to match the seat. Before and after.

“I looked everywhere I could think of for a way to change the color of my saddlebags to match a custom seat that was a spectacular gift to me. The bags were black, black and more black. The only bags I could find in other colors would cost upward of $1300 and no guarantee of a match. I found your product via a youtube video and purchased a custom mix. I was able to match the custom seat with both the bags and a windshield bag in no time at all. Since then I have been stopped several times with comments on how good they look and where did I ever find bags of this color. Thank you so much for a quality product that let me do what I wanted to do for so much less expense.”
- Jon, San Benito, TX

Brown leather loveseat restored with a Custom Color. Before and after.

“I wanted to again say thank you for the advice and encouragement to tackle my leather. While you may not be able to notice a big change, we do. The custom color was just fine. I applied it by sponge. How cool was it where the leather had been sun damaged to see color on it again! The products were great. I chose to not completely cover the entire couch, but blend in where needed. The clear coat is also a great product. So glad I found you guys! I love sitting on our couches again!”

- Joy, Woodbury, MN

Chestnut leather chair restored using a Custom Color. Before and after.

“We used your product on our chair. We are very happy with the results – a great improvement on that sad chair. Thanks for your help.”
- Judy, Mullica Hill, NJ

Brown leather furniture restored with a Custom Color. Before and after with Reilly dog.

“Our dog, Reilly, and we love your product! We decided to do the ottoman first. We were in shock at the results. We were thrilled with the [custom] color match. It was PERFECT! The rest of the furniture took no time at all. You were right about the amount. We still have 1¼ bottles left. I am sending my neighbor to your website. They were impressed too. Thank you again for everything.”
- Jeff & Mary Alice, Denver, CO

Red leather furniture set restored with a Custom Color. Before and after.

“This product works great. Incredible results!”
- Chris, Hamilton, MT

Leather dinette seating changed to match new interior decor in yacht thanks to a Custom Color. Before and after.

“Just finished my project and it looks great. The custom color you made for me was just perfect!!!”
- Lynn Palek, Painesville, OH

Stained aniline leather love seat changed to a customized purple color. Before and after.

“The area with the most damage (the center) was very dried and cracked. Although it’s still not silky smooth like the rest of the couch, your product really, really improved the texture. You were spot on regarding color. I think a bit darker would have been ideal, but I’m okay with how it turned out (its growing on me). I am very impressed with your product – it was easy to apply and use and made the sofas look like new. If it weren’t for the damaged areas on the bigger couch, it would really look BRAND new set. I had 36 people over for Thanksgiving and the friends who had seen our furniture before assumed we got new furniture for the gathering. I’ll definitely call on you again! Thanks for your help and a great product!”
- Gloria, Sammamish, WA

Beige aniline leather sofa restored with a Custom Color. Before and after.

“We were ready to dispose of our couch due to all the stains and discoloration. As a last resort I googled for a possible solution and came upon the Rub and Restore website. We ordered the custom match restoration product. Following the simple video instructions on your website, it took me less than half an hour completely restore our 25 year old couch to its original state. Rub and Restore is the must have solution for those who want to restore their old leather furniture. Thank you so much for making this outstanding product.”
- Rudy, Woodland Hills, CA

Saab leather seats restored with a Custom Color. Before and after.

“Thanks again for making a custom color for my Saab.”
- Alan, Charlotte, NC

Gloves dyed to match Star Wars costume thanks to a custom color. Before and after.

“Thanks again for the dye, it worked as advertised easy to use and looks fantastic!!”
- David, Erie, PA

Faded chair restored with a custom color. Before and after.

“I have to say I am just thrilled with the results. Such a rich brown color without sacrificing the natural imperfections or 'two tone' at all. I used a large sponge, squirted two lines of color and a little less of conditioner and went at it. I kept telling myself what you told me, 'make it quick and easy'. I only used half the bottle of 16 oz color and half of 8 oz conditioner. Plenty left for the future or other projects. Very happy with OUR results. Thank you for all the attention.”
- Thomas, Cumming, GA

Plum leather chair and ottoman restored with customized leather dye. Before and after.

"The custom mixed color, 'Diane's Red', was perfect. It was a rough piece to restore. A labor of love and friendship, and a bit of a learning experience. She was thrilled with the results.”
- Stephen, Williamsville, NY