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Espresso Brown Dye Reviews

Espresso leather sofa before and after repair

“ What a great product! After searching and trying everything I was just about to resign to the fact I'd have to bring in someone to repair or replace. I came across your website and decided to give it one last shot. So happy with results. ”
- Jenifer, Levittown, NY

espresso michael

“Your dye worked great. Thanks so much.”
- Michael, Brooklyn, NY

Ivory leather sectional color changed to Espresso before and after

“This sectional is 23 years old. I used espresso color and transformed it. It turned out beautiful. This product is amazing.”
- Denise, Columbus, NJ

Off-white leather ottoman changed to Espresso before and after

“Just wanted to tell you how much I love your product! I will tell anyone who asks me how great it is! I restored an ottoman that my whole family loves but hated how it looked! It looks brand new after using Rub n Restore! Thank you so much!”
- Joy, Satellite Beach, FL

Modern sofa and chair customized with Espresso brown and Red Chili before and after

“Ok, this probably isn't your taste but I HAD to send in my before and after photos. I have all of my friends and family freaking out about your products, and I bragged about how easy it was. I can't wait to do more!! Check out the before and afters shots. The couch was in really rough shape, especially the cushions, and now you can barely tell!!! Your espresso was a little lighter than the couch was prior but every inch was redone and sealed. I used red chili on the bottom cushions. Love your product and thank you so much for being so helpful!!!! You will hear from me again!!!”
- Rebecca, Los Angeles, CA

Leather furniture restored with Espresso dye before and after

“I absolutely love the product and cannot believe how easy it is to apply. Here are a couple pics of my lounge chair so far. Thank you so much for this product it defiantly does not disappoint.”
- Annette, Perth, Western Australia

Leather couch before and after restored with Espresso leather dye
Sun faded vinyl siding on hot tub spa restored with Espresso brown leather dye vinyl paint before and after

“Hot tub siding is 6 years old and bleached in the Texas sun. Cleaned with Flite. Much improved after two coats of clear prep and two coats of espresso dye.”
- Jann, Boerne, TX

Dingy off-white Craigslist love seat transformed with Espresso leather dye. Before and after with dogs.

“I purchased a small white leather couch for my office, it was FILTHY to say the least. I won't repeat the snickering comments from my co-workers, but let's just say that it looked even WORSE in our flourescent lighting. I purchased the Espresso color and the Clear Prep-Finish. Application was a breeze, goof-proof to say the least! We have two dogs in our office and even without the topcoat they barely made a scratch in the color after 6 coats (and when they did I just touched it up). It is a beautiful couch now and I can't tell you how pleased I am that it has been "Rubbed and Restored". You can see the results with & without the top coat. Everyone in my office is eating their words and asking about your product. They are all just AMAZED at the transformation and I will be singing your praises for all time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
- Jessica, Batavia, IL

Peachy leather sectional transformed with Espresso leather dye. Before and after.

“I am absolutely dumbfounded by the 'fool proof' nature of Rub N Restore. After the initial application, I had concerns, given the pillowy nature of the seat backs and the pleated nooks and crannies around the stitching, this product wouldn't display an even tone. However, after the second application, it was easy to see the color blending more evenly. The pictures just don't do justice to how amazing this product is. Rub N Restore is clearly the "sliced bread" of do-it-yourself monochromatic leather dyeing. I have to tell you that I've really appreciated your level of customer service, and I've recommended you to everyone I've shown the sectional to. I think you have a great product, but more importantly, I think you have outstanding customer service. I'm glad there's companies like yours doing business successfully in today's climate. Keep up the great work :)”
- Kevin, Wellington, FL

Orange vintage vinyl lounge chair updated with Espresso leather dye. Before and after.

“I can't say enough good things about this company, it's products and service - I mean that. After getting a $900 estimate to recover my beloved vintage Lounge chair, I thought I was going to be stuck forever having a bright orange chair that did not match anything in the whole house. Then I stumbled onto Rub 'N' Restore via the internet. The results far exceeded my expectations, and my wife and I could not be happier with how this project turned out! I was also thoroughly impressed and grateful for the incredible service we got from Lesandre and CC - wow, twice they helped us out on a Sunday with ordering, questions and how-to advice. I was also surprised how easy it was to color-change a piece of vinyl furniture! I ended up using my small detail spray gun to do this and it was a breeze! Application, touch-up and cleaning were easy and require little to no experience thus making it a do-it-yourselfer's dream. Now I'm wishing I had more vinyl or leather furniture pieces to restore! Thank you, Rub 'N' Restore. I'll be singing your praises to anyone who'll listen. A very happy customer indeed.”
- Peter, Austin, TX

Antique armchair restored with Espresso leather dye. Before and after.

“Your products are amazing. The Clear Prep-Finish is the icing on the cake. Your instructions are good and clear.”
- Rhonda, Slidell, LA

Tan recliner chair color changed with Espresso leather dye. Before and after.

“Your products are amazing. The Clear Prep-Finish is the icing on the cake. Your instructions are good and clear.”
- Rhonda, Slidell, LA

Leather recliner chair changed from beige to dark brown with Espresso leather dye. Before and after.

“Your products are amazing. The Clear Prep-Finish is the icing on the cake. Your instructions are good and clear.”
- Rhonda, Slidell, LA

Discolored leather chair restored with Espresso leather dye and Clear Prep+Finish. Before and after.

“Thank you for your amazing (and affordable) product! I recommend this product to absolutely anyone who is tired of looking at their worn out furniture.”
- Stephanie, Bristol, RI