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Ivory Dye Reviews

Ivory leather office chair color change

“ Your product is great and, as promised, easy to use. However, I did not take your advice to order color swatches and the ivory was too yellow. I exchanged it for Stone. Thanks for a great product. Chair turned out great! Your product is amazing, only exceeded by the great customer service. Thanks so much! ”
- Eunice, Naples, FL

Off-white leather club chairs restored with Ivory leather dye. Before and after.

“I've got to give a shout out to these gals! Great product and Colorado-based no less! Rub 'n Restore, you gals make an awesome product!”
- Josh, Colorado Springs, CO

Water stains and discoloration on vinyl ceiling upholstery in a boat is restored with Ivory leather dye. Before and after.

“What an amazing product! I just did the vinyl ceiling in my 1982 trawler boat. Very dirty and badly tobacco stained from previous owner. I tried every cleaner I could find and even had two professional boat cleaners try. Nothing. Then I found your product. So easy to apply. I am blown away. My ceiling looks like '1982' all over again!””
- Ron, Sarasota, FL

Old, stained aniline leather couch gets a fresh face with Ivory leather dye. Before and after.

“Thanks so much!! Please use the pics on your web site. Everyone I have shown them to (and I mean EVERYONE!) is astonished. I repeat that you have the best product and best customer service ever! Thank you!”
- Eileen, Raleigh, NC

Photo from blog post about restoring vinyl club chair with Ivory leather dye.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your product. I used it on a chair, and it looks new! Now I know I can easily change the color and look of leather furniture if I find a great piece. Looking forward to using your product more in the future."
- Cara, St. Joseph, IL

Leather loveseat restored with Ivory leather dye. Before and after.

“The dye worked really well on restoring our love seat and armchair. Just used 2 to 4 coats (4 on well used spots) and already huge difference! Also love the ivory color, very pretty! I do have less than half a bottle left, enough to refresh the color if necessary! Thank you!”
- Anna, Springfield, PA

Photo from blog post about restoring vintage vinyl chairs.

"Rub 'n Restore is like magic! Your product really works. I did my chairs in October [2013], and I'm still happy with the result 3 months later."
- Andrée-Anne, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Andrée-Anne documented her restoration in her blog Vie Domestique.