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FC1 Leather Filler Compound Reviews

Thinning, torn leather couch repair with before and after pictures.

“ Thanks for all your help. The best match ended up being the rust and cherrywood. I first did a layer of rust, then a layer of cherrywood, and then added a glaze of both mixed with the clear prep+finish and the result is awesome! I only painted the 3 seat cushions, the back cushions and arm rests are the original color. Thank you again.” ”
- Chaya, Brooklyn, NY

Giant tear in vinyl cushion subpatched and repaired with FC1 Leather Filler and dyed with espresso brown color. Before and after.

“Huge improvement thanks to a subpatch and filler! I used espresso dye.”
- Virginia, Grayslake, IL

Big rips and thinning leather subpatched and repaired with FC1 Leather Filler and dyed with a 4:1 mix of cherrywood and rust. Before and after.

“I was able to patch, fill and blend together 4:1 cherrywood:rust to match my oxblood red sofa. For $150 I'm now able to save a three piece set that cost $2500. You're products are great thank you so much.”
- Jeff, Portsmouth, NH

Worn and torn leather repaired and restored using FC1 filler, walnut, mahogany, and cherrywood leather dyes. Before and after.

“I thought it was a goner! Thank you for your detailed videos and wonderful products! I used Cherrywood, Walnut, Mahogany,Clear Prep and Finish and filler (of course).”
- Traci, Washington, UT

Cracking and holes in leather armchair repaired and restored with FC1 leather filler and Cherrywood dye. Before and after.

“Wow!! We are happy campers [with the filler and cherrywood color]. Thanks for all your help.”
- Mary & Charles, Exeter, South Australia

Holes in leather sofa repaired with FC1 Leather Filler and dyed with a custom color. Before and after.

“Attached are photos of my completed weekend project. I just finished putting the clear coat on this morning (I waited 2 days as you suggested). I am thrilled with the results and the custom color! I have plenty of Soft filler left to use later on as the sofa continues to show signs of love and use. Thank you again for your support and encouragement. I really couldn't have done it without you! I am eternally grateful.”
- Lauren, Cherry Hill, NJ