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Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish

(17 customer reviews)


Our Turquoise is a bold blue-green color. It errs slightly more blue than teal.


Use it like a dye on aniline, full-grain leather and vinyl upholstery to:

  • conceal stains and fading;
  • condition and protect.

It applies easily with a sponge and will not alter the feel. It won’t peel or rub off onto clothing.

Each bottle comes with gloves and stir stick.

Before You Buy

Please read about dramatic color changes before undertaking one.

Rub ‘n Restore® products are not recommended for fabric, suede, nubuck or faux (bonded) leather. Learn more about material types or peeling bonded leather.

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17 reviews for Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish

    Zainal Maloney
    November 19, 2019
    My first thought about this dye, it was pricey for me to try. After reading countless great reviews i decided to try it. I am sooo happy that I did my 40 year old car seats came out great
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    September 23, 2019
    The before picture is actually after I just started applying and had forgotten to take a picture. So the original chair was even an uglier green. My husband is a county commissioner, and this was an old chair from the courthouse that he bought when they were buying new ones. It's super comfortable and he loves it, otherwise that olive color would have never been acceptable for my living room!
    I might leave the fabric seat as is, I kind of like the vibe. Thanks so much!
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Halfway no going back!
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Jacque Coonan
    August 10, 2019
    I love this color! I picked up this gorgeous chair for my bedroom for $20 dollars what a steal and found a foot stool not even good leather for $30 :( , then colored them. But then there was left over color so I also picked up a lovely chair for my craft room also for $20. See for yourself, the chairs came out so beautiful. The color is rich and vibrant. I used a little of the color with the clear coat for the bedroom chair to give it a light sheen. I used full clear coat on my craft room chair since I use that the most and I wanted it shiny. I love the finish on both of them! Thank you so much for a wonderful product! Now I need to do the living room couch!
    Turquoise Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    July 13, 2019
    Rub 'n Restore has been a great tool for our repertory theatre.
    Leather chairs that have been colored with turquoise dye.
    Leather chairs, turquoise color.
    Leather chairs, toupe color.
    Leather chairs that have been colored with turquoise dye.
    June 12, 2019
    I mixed the turquoise color with the clear and transformed my boring taupe leather chairs in just a coat (maybe two on some spots) using only a damp sea sponge. I left a little of the taupe showing to create a subtle marbled look.
    Stephen A. Settle
    May 10, 2019
    Amen and kudos to all the testimonials I have read above! My own review is here as well but I had to add my own feedback to what has been posted here. My own experience has been similarly positive and amazing. However I did have a few issues and challenges with my own particular experience. But CC & Lesandre went the extra mile and were constantly there for me to help me get the final results I wanted. Where do you find such phenomenal customer service? It doesn't stop with the initial sale, it continues long after! Thank you ladies!
    Before and after photo of leather chairs that have been recolored from brown to turquoise blue.
    Color cracking on redyed leather.
    Before and after photo of leather chairs that have been recolored from brown to turquoise blue.
    Stephen Settle
    May 9, 2019
    I originally gave Rub 'n Restore 5 stars & rave reviews. This was before the coat of clear started taking off the color and a long process of troubleshooting, stripping, & reapplying ensued. Although I have had my challenges with the product, (though likely some it may have been my own fault... unintentionally of course,) the continual follow through, help, advice, suggestions and total professionalism of CC & Lesandre was top notch! Having been in customer service myself for many years, I well know and appreciate that "personal touch" and feeling valued as a client. These lovely ladies have "bent over backwards" to make things right, and their care, concern, and personal attention has been exemplary! Kudos to "Rub & Restore!" You have a lifetime loyal customer in me!
    Leather arm chair and ottomon before and after being recolored with turquoise leather dye.
    May 9, 2019
    The couch is holding up well with regular use after 6 months. My husband found a very similar chair/ottoman, and we had enough dye left to create a matching set! This stuff is magic, though, definitely 5 stars - thank you!
    Before =Brown - After=Turquoise
    Before and after color change on leather couch from brown to turquoise.
    Lisa K
    May 9, 2019
    Your product is amazing and so easy to apply! No one believes me when I tell them that it was simple to recolour my 25 year old sofa.
    Small dogs standing on a recolored ottomon, before and after.
    Fetch Portraits
    May 9, 2019
    It looks amazing!!!! I'm STUNNED!!!!!!! It was, hands down, the most incredible experience I've had with any product ever. This stuff is life-changing! I am looking at every leather item in my house differently now! People are going to think I have 10 purses and shoes in different colors but it will only be that I took 20 minutes to dye my purse before I left LOL.

    I can't wait to share the photos with you and my husband is going to do a review and my clients are going to freak.

    I did it practically in the dark, late night in the garage in between 2 propane heaters in sub-zero weather. I couldn't even see the finished product well and was fully expecting to have to do more coats once the morning sun shined. No such's BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Stephen Settle
    April 2, 2019
    Ar first I was a bit skeptical as to whether the dye actually worked as well and was as easy to apply as the videos show. To my delight and amazement it was incredibly easy to apply and the difference before and after of my vinyl recliners was remarkable! They are now a beautiful deep, rich turquoise from the former ugly, boring tan and they look brand new! My sister even asked when she visited, "when did these new recliners arrive?" I told her we had then all along. Then she said, "you had them reupholstered?, I'll bet that cost a fortune!" She was amazed and is going to tell her friends about Rub 'N Restore. I highly recommend this product and the wonderful,kind ladies who run the company!
    April 1, 2019
    Have ordered twice after my girlfriend told me about this. Easy to use, dries super fast, amazing results. So fun!!! Thank you!!
    Before and after photo of a white chair colored turquoise blue.
    September 19, 2018
    I've had this rocker for 25 years. Many hours of rocking my babies! It needed some TLC.....a few slices and normal wear. So this weekend the hubby tackled it. You can't see the rips or wear marks. I love the results. The white is before and the turquoise is after. The color is so rich. Thanks honey and Rub'nRestore!
    Pablo, Texas
    January 21, 2017
    As with ither RnR products, coverage and quality is great.
    The color is a solid Turquoise, a bit brighter tahn shown on my computer. After application and overnight set, a couple of thin wash coats of clear + black, brought the color tone to a more muted, aged look....perfect!
    June 9, 2016
    First time in a long time that a product has actually done what it is promised to do. A joy to use! Very forgiving and the outcome was amazing. Changed 2 olive green chairs to turquoise. Nice vivid color. The gloss sealant really worked well with the product. Just wish it wasn't so expensive. With the Canadian exchange rate and extra at-the-door charges for shipping, a large bottle was almost 130.00.
    Mike Wojciechowski , Milwaukee Wisconsin
    April 9, 2016
    Change a white chair to the turquoise and it turned out amazing. This product is absolutely amazing. Have use other colors and very piece has turn out great !
    October 15, 2014
    Ok, I guess not everyone is into living with bright, in-your-face color in their house. But, I like to kick it up a notch with my spice weasel and live a bit dangerous when it comes to color at mi casa. Earthtones are dead to me. I can definitely say that Rub n Restore's Turquoise is super amazing. I used 50/50 mix with Prep+Finish in the last two coats and the couch looks like a turquoise jewel.. Everyone wants to sit in it and feel the shiny turquoise flesh against their bodies.
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