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We've Worked With Rub 'n Restore® Since 1987 and Stand Behind It!


You're embarking on a do-it-yourself project. Half the magic is in the application process. Our vinyl and leather restoration kits and products are easy to use and forgiving but require some creativity and experimentation on your part. 

Many materials are base-and-print or multi-toned. You can choose to work with a single color or several, but replicating the appearance of the original material is up to you.

We discourage repair and/or color changing of bonded leather, ultraleather, or faux leather due to the poor quality and inherent defects of these materials. We, nor any other leather and vinyl repair professional, can guarantee professional, long-lasting results on these materials.  


If you used Rub 'n Restore® products in accordance with the written instructions and recommendations on our site, and you are not pleased with the results, after a brief troubleshooting process, we will refund your money.