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Leather and Vinyl Repair Runs in the Family

Rub 'n Restore® Colors and Clear Prep+Finish were developed in the early 1980s as a superior conditioning paint for vinyl and leather. The inventor sold distributorships to restoration professionals throughout the United States. Among the most successful was a mother-daughter team called Vinyl Ladies operated by Catherine 'CC' Christensen and Lesandre Holiday.


CC is CFO, color master, and the original Vinyl Lady leather repair artisan.CC

CFO/Mom/The Original Vinyl Lady

CC always dreamed of being a professional artist, but she harbored no delusions that it could pay the bills. Becoming a leather repair artisan married the two. Working on collectible cars, boats, and aircraft, CC became quickly renowned as the finest craftsperson in Southern California and was dubbed "The Vinyl Lady" by her customers. CC's talents were further diversified by the quirky demands of the RV industry. With the advent of the internet, CC knew the product now called Rub 'n Restore® would transform DIY vinyl and leather repair.


Lesandre is CEO, webmaster, color master, and videographer.LESANDRE

CEO/Daughter/Gal in the Videos/Vinyl Lady 2nd Gen

Lesandre grew up playing in the paints. At the age of seven she sprayed her first door handle on a 1988 Ford Taurus and got overspray everywhere. Thank goodness Rub 'n Restore® is so easy to clean up! She surprised everybody, including herself, when she excelled during her Vinyl Ladies apprenticeship. CC and Lesandre's 45+ years of combined experience in the field of leather and vinyl repair steered the methodology behind Rub 'n Restore®. Lesandre started filming projects using a garage-sale camera on a tripod and uploaded them to YouTube, and the phone started to ring. Now these ladies are leading a revolution in DIY leather and vinyl restoration, one sofa at a time.