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Peppercorn Grey Dye Reviews

Peppercorn leather couch dye canada

“ Ordered it from Canada, and it was here within one week. It was so easy to apply. I did three coats to make sure it was all covered, and I still have extra. It looks and feels like store bought leather. ”
- Kayce, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Peppercorn leather couch ink concealed. Before and after.

“ Love your product!! I was very impressed with how easy it was to use and with the final results!! Best $50 I've ever spent!! ”
- Amanda, Greensburg, KY

peppercorn annie

“This stupidly easy, totally transformative hack will make you fall in love with your leather furniture again! It applied like a dream, it dried within breaths, and it succeeded in being completely transformative. Nothing (no home DIY project) has ever been so effortless as Rub ‘n Restoring these leather stools.”
- Annie, Seattle, WA

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Leather chair and ottoman changed from red to charcoal grey using peppercorn leather dye. Before and after.

“Thank you Rub n’ Restore my chair came out fantastic!!! I have posted your website and my photos on Facebook to share with all my friends. Who knew of a product?? From drab brown to peppercorn! Thanks you so much! Can't wait to do my couch in cherrywood.”
- Laurie, Saco, ME

Vinyl head board customized with peppercorn charcoal grey leather dye and vinyl paint. Before and after.

“Headboard from tan to peppercorn. Only needed a little bit. 2 coats of Rub & Restore 1 hour time, kitchen dish sponge and a water spray bottle to keep sponge a little bit moist and bam it was easy. The studs on bed I just rub with old white tee shirt. Thanks Rub & Restore. I told my friends and family, and they will be ordering soon. So will I, thanks LOL!”
- Lynae, Effort PA

This lounge chair used to be a rusty orange color and was changed to peppercorn grey color.

“It used to be a rusty orange color that Human Touch calls cognac. Sorry was so excited to start...no before pics. The peppercorn is beautiful! Thanks again.”
- Neda, Bonita Springs, FL

Faded and discolored leather couch restored with peppercorn leather dye. Before and after.

“Wow!!!! You didn't lie! The product arrived yesterday. I was sick to my stomach when I started because I couldn't help but wonder if I was making a huge mistake. It took me about 4 hours non stop. It looks awesome and was so easy. I am beyond thrilled!”
- Deborah, Lexington, KY