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Red Chili Dye Reviews

Red Chili two-tone leather furniture dye. Before and After pictures

“ This doesn't really show in the before photo very well, but over the years this furniture had become dingy looking and un-cleanable. I was really embarrassed. I am thrilled with the results of using your system. Its been complete for about three weeks and I'm still amazed and delighted every time i walk in the room. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”
- Gillian, Tacoma, WA

Cracking leather chair restored with Red Chili leather dye. Before and after.

“Here are before/after pictures of my lay-z-boy. I used Red Chili. I bought a 16 oz. bottle, but I would be surprised if I used more than 3 oz. I finished it with a single coat of prep n finish.”
- Aly, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Leather sofa restored with Red Chili leather dye. Before and after.

“I'm done and thrilled!”
- Amy, Milton, GA

Modern couch and chair customized with Espresso and Red Chili colors of leather dye and vinyl paint. Before and after.

“Ok, this probably isn't your taste but I HAD to send in my before and after photos. I have all of my friends and family freaking out about your products, and I bragged about how easy it was. I can't wait to do more!!! Check out the before and afters shots. The couch was in really rough shape, especially the cushions, and now you can barely tell!!! Your espresso was a little lighter than the couch was prior but every inch was redone and sealed. I used red chili on the bottom cushions. Love your product and thank you so much for being so helpful!!!! You will hear from me again!!!”
- Rebecca, Los Angeles, CA

Water spotted aniline leather love seat transformed with Red Chili leather dye. Before and after.

“We bought a new home, and we decided to buy an old, leather sofa from the sellers to use until we moved in. Our plan was to toss the sofa when we were done with it. Turns out, we needed a statement piece of furniture in a den area, so we decided to use Rub n Restore to turn the old, worn out sofa into a like-new eye popper. We bought the Red Chili dye and the Clear Prep & Finish. We followed the directions and simply kept applying the products (mixed 50-50 right on the sponge) coat after coat. Pretty easy DIY project. The results were excellent. It truly looks like a brand new sofa. And, the color (though bold) is just what we wanted. Nice product!!”
- Chris, Plymouth, NH