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Taupe Dye Reviews

Leather loveseat restored with taupe colored dye. Clear Prep+Finish adds shine. Before and after.

“I finally got around to doing our couch. Very pretty. I only had one problem, but after I messed up, Ithink I know what I should have done. When I put on the last coat of sealer, where the couch arm flops over or between the back and the arm, it kind of stuck and took off the stain. I guess I should have held it “open” to dry. Overall, though, I’m quite pleased. Looks so much better! Thank you for all of your help.”
- Suzette, Matthews, NC

Reclining leather chair restored with taupe dye. Before and after.

“AMAZING!! We are so pleased with your product, and it was so easy to use. I have sent two folks your way. They both saw our recliner and could not believe the results. Thanks for all your advice and your great product!”
- Elizabeth, Sarasota, FL

Worn leather chair restored with Taupe dye. Before and after.

“It was so easy! These pictures don't do it justice at all, but you can see the stain. I had made a slip cover just to "live with it". It was an expensive chair and our favourite. Your taupe was just a little too dark so I mixed just a little of the white with it after using your cleaner and with just a few coats it covered beautifully and blended in so evenly. A few more coats to be sure and then seal it......all done. My friend who put me on to your wonderful product said if it didn't match just do the whole chair! That would've been equally as easy to do but there was no need. It is brand new again. I used so little of your product, I'm on the hunt for something else I can stain. I am very pleased with your goods and the friendly, patient and knowledgeable guidance you gave over the phone. It was my pleasure to discuss this all with you and the next time I have a project that needs a different colour, I'll know where to go: to the same place that I'm ready to send anyone I come across with a leather or vinyl problem. You're great! Thank you.”
- Patrick, Kanata, Ontario, Canada

Worn leather cushion restored with Taupe. Before and after.

“Wow, this is amazing. We are speechless.”
- Tyler, Lakeville, MN

Orange club chair changed to Taupe. Before and after.

“I am pleased with the product. It doesn't feel weird or have a strong smell, and it dries quickly.”
- Christina, Glenwood, AB, Canada

Dirty leather restored with taupe leather dye and vinyl paint. Before and after.

“Thank you so much for the youtube videos, the assistance on the phone, and for sending me the perfect products for my needs. I got a used real leather couch and loveseat set for $100. I cleaned them thoroughly with 409, then applied the stain followed by the clear coat. The set looks like new and I have already highly recommended your products and your company to my friends and family. Thanks!”
- Frank, Warrenton, VA