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Walnut Brown Dye Reviews

Walnut leather sectional with before and after pictures.

“ I really love my finished project, and my friends thought I had my couch professionally recovered. I couldn't have done this project without the help of Rub n Restore. I did my homework and researched many options. They are a little hidden secret! ”  
- Linda, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Walnut brown leather chair dye. Before and After pictures.

“ After looking at various products to restore a sofa and love seat, Rub’n Restore was the choice. The phone support prior to placing the order was informative and convincing. The leather that was being restored was of a high grade, with a waxed finish, walnut color. I was skeptical about applying any dye, but the pieces were so faded I had nothing to lose. The product was shipped promptly, and included instruction, plastic gloves and stirrers. I first mixed 1 teaspoon of walnut colorant with 1 teaspoon of glaze (1:1 ratio). This was then applied to a hidden, test area of the sofa. After a few tries with various ratios and application methods, a near perfect match was achieved using a sponge as the application. The project was straight forward, requires no experience. The finish product did not looked “painted” but very natural. Thank you! ”  
- Bob, Olathe, KS

Stained and discolored leather reclining chair restored with walnut leather dye. Before and after.

“I used your product on my bonded leather recliner and couch that I was about to throw away because they looked so bad. The leather was intact and the mechanisms worked fine. They are 10 years old. I tried everything and none worked. Then I found Rub and Restore. All I can say is wow!!! I did learn a few things though. The recliner took 14 coats. They were very light and I used the Prep and Finish after every four coats. The chair and couch look like new. It has been a month and they just look better every day. The chairstarted a little shiny so I toned it down. I can't say enough about your product. It is great.One suggestion; the stir stick is crap. Of course shaking is not good. I had a large stainless steal wingnut on the side table I took off something, so I dropped that into the dye bottle and slowly swirled the bottle. Worked great. Try it! Beats the stir stick. Don't shake just swirl the bottle.”  
- Robert, Oakland Park, FL

Orange tufted leather couch transformed with walnut leather dye. Before and after.

"The bright orange Chesterfield sofa that I brought home for a song was a bit limiting.... and she needed to move to the family room. Reupholstery was $1000. Enter Rub 'n Restore. Even got my 87 year old Mamacita in on the game. It was unbelievably easy...we sponged it on, and it took less than an hour. I kid you not. It has been jumped on, pawed at, slept on, played on ...and is holding up beautifully.”  
- Linda, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

See more pictures on Linda's blog Lime in the Coconut.

Beige leather reclining chair changed to walnut. Before and after.

“Wow. Wouldn't believe it if I hadn't done it myself. Thanks for taking my $30 bargain chair from drab to fab!”  
- Amy, El Dorado, KS

Leather sling chair restored with walnut dye. Before and after.

“I restore vintage chairs now! Thanks, Rub 'n Restore!”
- Amanda, Alameda, CA

Off white couch transformed to antiqued or distressed brown with walnut dye. Before and after.

"I just wanted to thank you for your product. I changed two couches from beige to walnut. The couches look much better in the room now, because I painted the walls a lighter color and the couches provide a nice contrast. I LOVED that the product is water-based and that the cleanup was so easy."
- Ann, Elkins Park, PA

Oil stained leather club chair restored using walnut dye. Before and after.

“OMG!!! I got your product yesterday and refinished my chair today, and boy was I blown away! This was a chair that my husband purchased for our first home over 20 years ago. We've tried everything to clean it, and nothing worked. We were on the verge of giving it away to Goodwill when I happened upon your YouTube video and ordered your product. All I can say is WOW! Thanks again, your product is amazing and I intend to put out the good word. This one is too good not to share.”
- Betsy, El Granada, CA

Dirty white leather sectional transformed using walnut dye and Clear Prep+Finish. Before and after.

“Craigslist couch $200+rub n restore $120=ahhhhh! Thank you so much, this stuff is unbelieveable!”
- Elaine, Myakka City, FL

Tufted red leather couch changed to brown with walnut dye. Before and after.
Leather loveseat changed from off white to walnut brown. Before and after.

“I'm a ten satisfied. The change is amazing! It was incredibly easy to apply, and the cost is very reasonable. Other companies have products that don't even compare to this quality for five times as much. The [walnut] color is perfect... exactly what I wanted. I am very impressed.”
- Gail, Beaufort, NC

Green and red LaZBoy recliners changed to chocolate brown using walnut leather dye and vinyl stain. Before and after.

“I can't say enough about how pleased I am with my chair restoration! I am changing the color scheme of my room and my leather chair was still in good shape. A friend recommended that I dye it rather than get rid of it. I did my research online and read all the wonderful testimonials about Rub'n Restore and decided it was worth trying. After all, if it didn't work, I had planned on getting rid of the chair since it didn't go with my new decor. Well you can see my results. I absolutely love it!! It took me 2 days and three coats. I used about a quarter of a 16 oz. bottle. I haven't put on the glossy coat yet because I kind of like the satiny finish. Thank you again for your wonderful product!! People, if you are debating buying this product, I assure it is as good as it looks and easy to do. Almost foolproof. Order it! You won't be sorry!”
- Kim, Titusville, FL

Cream colored chairs changed to brown with walnut leather dye. Before and after.

“Just wanted to send you a quick picture of the first piece! Your product is absolutely amazing and very easy!! I have three more pieces to do. So glad that I found Rub 'n Restore!!!”
- Lisa, Burlington, MA

Worn leather couch cushions restored with walnut leather dye. Before and after.

“We ordered Cherrywood by mistake, which was too red, and exchanged it for Walnut. Our couch turned out wonderful. Your product is amazing!!! I've been hiding this ugly couch so long under throws. I can't wait to show it off to family and friends at Thanksgiving. I'm even going to let my daughter borrow some to try on her leather couch. If it works I'm sure she will be purchasing her own bottle for later use. We are very pleased with the results. Now if they could just invent something to restore 50 year old bodies for under a hundred bucks, I'd be set. Lol!”
- Kitty, Troy, TX

Leather La-Z-Boy restored with Walnut leather dye. Before and after.

“Thank you Rub 'n Restore!! We were in desperate need of a Laz-Z-Boy makeover!!”
- Marji, Rio Rancho, NM

Metallic pink sectional changed to walnut brown using our vinyl stain. Before and after.

“I am thrilled with your product. Not only did it arrive extremely quickly, I was able to transform a hideous shiny, metallic pink couch into a much nicer brown one in a few hours. I feared that it would not work on such a shiny surface, but it did so, admirably, especially with a clear coat first and last. I will definitely recommend your product highly. Thanks again!”
- Noel, Brooklyn, NY